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Rural Estates & Agriculture

Wood Heating for Farms and Estates:

Providing heating via Wood goes hand in hand with farms and estates. Producing your own low cost fuel to heat your own buildings, and using your own machinery and infrastructure to do so will give you a warm feeling inside as well as out!

Imagine the satisfaction earned when your wood fuel heating system is fired up for the first time and burning your own wood fuel instead of expensive oil or gas. Having helped numerous farms and estate owners make this possibility a reality, this is a feeling that we at WoodiePod also thrive on helping other to achieve.

If you have buildings to heat and your own timber supply, (or are able to source this locally), we can do the rest. We are the ideal specialist partners to help you with everything from the initial idea, through the full design and specification, turn-key installation and ongoing service and support, ensuring you enjoy the benefits for years to come.
To discuss make contact with one of our experts via telephone or complete our enquiry form and one of our technical support team will contact you.