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Our WoodiePod is an eco-friendly, sustainable Camping Pod, helping take camping to a new level of comfort and relaxation, or it can become a home based office, or man cave. Alternatively it can incorporate a packaged biomass heating solution used to heat commercial buildings, schools, care homes, farms and cottages.

WoodiePod Camping Pods are available in a range of bespoke sizes, comfortably accommodating between 2-6 adults. Our WoodiePods are custom built to meet your needs, and price range. We design your bespoke internal layout, with various optional extras for your comfort and enjoyment.


WoodiePod Biomass Solutions feature a pre-fabricated plant room with an integral fuel store, they include the boiler, buffer/s, plumbing, heat meter, electrical wiring with control systems and remote monitoring pre-installed ready for connection to an external heating system and the internet.