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Leisure & Domestic Sector

WoodiePod Ltd provide solutions to customers residential, leisure and commercial building requirements. Markets include camping pods, beach chalets, toilet & shower blocks, modular buildings covering residential, hotels and schools, or leisure parks needing extra accommodation, for guests or staff.

In today's market buildings come in all shapes and sizes. We work with customers to find them a solution to their building requirements which can come complete with beds, kitchenette and bathing facilities or just well insulated and ready to use at home, office or leisure park. We can design and configure models to suit your needs. We specialise in supplying to camping & caravan parks, farmers branching into the leisure industry and private individuals.


Even in a leisure activity as seemingly straightforward as camping, everyone has different tastes and preferences. Some like to camp with minimal equipment and no creature comforts, while others prefer a more luxurious experience.

Camping pods offer you a way to enjoy the outdoors in maximum comfort and with minimal fuss. The only things you’ll need to set up are your sleeping bags or camping beds – other than that, you can step right in and get comfy straight away.

Each pod typically sleeps four people (two adults and two children), so they offer a great way to spend a weekend away with the family.

Some call it glamping (glamorous camping), because it blends more traditional camping with cosiness and creature comforts that aren’t guaranteed in a tent. Glamping is a great way to enjoy the glorious outdoors without compromising your comfort or your luxuries.

It’s becoming increasingly popular amongst couples and families across the country because it’s a sophisticated take on a simple activity.