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Public & Community Sector

Reducing Carbon, Reducing Costs, Supporting Local Economic Growth

Our combination of experience and knowledge in the design and installation of a biomass heating solution helps you to deliver your Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) targets, providing annual revenue savings on fuel (LPG and Oil up to 50%) and a Government backed 20 year Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) income. The combination of these benefits facilitate a compelling benefits case, funding the investment is easy via revenue budget savings rather than having to submit for Capex approval.

Biomass has the added benefits of utilizing a resource that is abundant across the UK, increasing you security of energy supply. The uptake of biomass in the public and community sectors is identified by many authorities as being of prime importance in delivering our renewable energy targets.

We see an increasing desire within this sector to minimise the involvement of in-house staff in the operation of a biomass system and an increasing focus on simply paying for the heat delivered. In response to this we have a solution to provide, maintain and fuel a biomass boiler and the client pays for the heat consumed.

Alternatively, there are a range of options to purchase and operate a WoodiePod solution ensuring it delivers the expected benefits.