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Service & Maintenance

Our dedicated WoodiePod service team provide support for the "full life cycle" of your new biomass heating solution, from installation through to annual maintenance and day to day support. Our services include combustion and emissions testing, remote monitoring and diagnostics ensuring your heating solution working to its optimum performance.

The ETAtouch control systems used in our WoodiePod solution features touchscreen controls, enabling simple configuration on site or remotely, providing full monitoring and diagnostics capability to your boiler via a local area network (LAN) connection, enabling our team and the manufacturer to support you 24/365 days a year.

Ultimate Flexibility & Control

Our solution also has intelligent BUS capability, enabling a single boiler to serve and control multiple buildings, each building has its own control panel integrated into the boiler controls via CAN Bus capability, measurement values from all system components are available to optimise control of the entire system..

Clients have ultimate control of their heating solution at any place or time of day to your boiler via both Android and iPhone users, or computer.